Gourmet Cheese Board Tips and Tricks


A gourmet cheese board makes a wonderful centerpiece for holiday parties and meals!  With these tips and tricks, you can create your very own cheese board to wow your guests with!  From simple to extravagant, there are so many fun, festive additions you can add to the board to tailor to your party.  Our gourmet cheese boards can be created in a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Select the cheeses you want to use

  • Choose a variety of cheeses with a range of flavors and textures.  Some say the perfect cheese board consists of one hard cheese, one soft cheese, and a blue cheese.  Although we like to keep this in mind – this is not a hard and fast rule!  Go with the cheeses you love, and your cheese board will turn out phenomenal.

Step 2 – Choose a display option for your cheeses & arrange the cheese on the platter

  • Most commonly people serve cheese platters fully sliced.  However, a fun and different approach to a cheese platter is incorporating the cheese in a larger chunk.  This can be accomplished by slicing off several slices of cheese to get things started, then simply placing the remainder of the wedge on the platter.

Step 3 – Add spreads

  • Spreads are such a fun addition to a cheese board.  They allow your guests to try the cheese with a flavor they may not have experienced before.  Fig, onion, or red pepper jam are wonderful compliments to cheese!
  • Pâté adds a unique texture to the cheese board
  • Grainy mustard compliments many cheeses – try with aged Cheddar or beer infused cheeses!
  • Spread out your spreads – if using multiple spreads on the platter, be sure to disperse them throughout the tray rather than gathering in one area

Step 4 – Add complimentary meats to the tray

  • For a pretty touch, make prosciutto roses by folding a thin slice of prosciutto horizontally and twist it loosely.  Then, roll the meat from one end, gathering at the bottom as you roll, letting the top flare out a bit so it looks like a rose.  Delicately place your prosciutto roses throughout the platter.
  • Slice up various sausages that pair well with your occasion and cheese selections – for a game day, try some sliced bratwurst added to the platter!
  • Disperse the meats throughout the tray, grouping meats, cheeses, and spreads together for pairings

Step 5 – Add the rest

  • Nuts, fresh or dried fruits, pickled things, and of course breads and crackers are all essential to a delicious cheese board!  Select the options you want to use, and disperse throughout the tray, creating pockets of variety throughout the entire board.
    • Olives, cornichon pickles, apricots, marcona almonds, and fresh raspberries are just a few of the unique flavors you can add to your cheese board.
    • Don’t forget the cheese vehicles!  Crostini, ciabatta, multigrain crackers, and water crackers are all great options to enjoy with your cheeses
  • Fill up all the space with complimentary snacks for an impressive display
  • Add fresh herbs for a color pop and unique pairing
    • Try Brie with Chives, Basil or Tarragon
    • Cheddar cheese pairs beautifully with sage
    • Fresh goat cheese and dill is a classic pairing
    • Gouda and rosemary is a ‘gouda’ match!

Step 6 – Enjoy!

  • Now that you’ve created your gourmet cheese board, enjoy it with your guests!  Serve up some wine or beer pairings to match the cheeses you chose.


See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?


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