Make your own Gourmet Cheese plate

Picking the cheeses



Start with the Artisan Assortment or select your own cheeses.A gourmet cheese plate does not have to feature more than five or six cheeses. Follow these steps to set up your plate:

  1. Unwrap the cheese and let it come to room temperature.
  2. If the cheese has a rind, do not remove it. Most rinds are edible and will add a little extra flavor to your tasting and help to differentiate it from other cheeses.
  3. Serve the cheese on a decorative platter, wooden cutting board, or really dress up your display and with marble tile cheese board.
  4. Set out olives, baguette slices, crackers, nuts, fresh or dried fruit, and honey to drizzle on the blue cheese.
  5. Use a separate knife for each cheese to avoid mixing flavors.

Label each cheese so you won’t need to recite the names all evening.


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